Our Purpose

TOGETHER we have the ability to pioneer a holistic approach to battle cancer, thereby BEATing the devastating effects it can have on the FAMILY both emotionally and financially. The corporation was developed through personal experience, which resulted in the realization that cancer not only affects the

individual, but the entire family. Through this paradigm shift, we unite the family and encourage COMMUNITY involvement to support the individual fighting this disease. We are partnering with generous businesses in order to enable time families to spend time together in social settings establishing a short, POSITIVE activity proving a healthy environment for the individual battling cancer as well as the beauty of FAMILY support. Activities being provided are either partially or completely funded by A BEAUTIFUL Cause, Inc., through generous people like you, businesses, and community efforts. As a nonprofit, we are dedicated to creating a STRONG, successful culture where the community is a major growth point in the battle against cancer. Our success as an organization is measured by the SMILES and LAUGHTER of both the patient and their families.

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